Yes everybody, be jealous, my last day of classes are always Wednesday, ha! Today was an interesting morning, started off the day the usual way, getting dressed for winter, but it turns out its actually sunny and warm, good job Binghamton!

I also had a presentation this morning for my Leadership class, where I had to talk about my awesomeness, in a way. It was basically a presentation talking about what skills as well as weaknesses I possess. Now, I have no problem doing presentations, but it is a little bit awkward talking about yourself in public, telling everyone what’s so great or not so great about you. After those weird 10 minutes passed, I asked my classmates to give me some feedback to assess my performance. I actually had a great time reading all this feedback, I didn’t realize people had such good things to say about my presentation. I was never a great public speaker (that was actually one of my weaknesses in the presentation) and after reading such nice things from people, it actually made my day. Obviously there were criticisms as well, and they were really helpful. Long story short, I think my public speaking skills are improving! 🙂

Alright everyone, I’ll check in later, remember to come into the office to get your Thanksgiving tickets if your haven’t already, they are selling out quick!! Adios escapees, enjoy the rest of the week, I’ll  be starting my weekend 🙂


~ by escapebinghamton on November 10, 2010.

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