Don’t Worry BU, Those Weren’t Gunshots

Hello fellow escapees, this morning was actually a very interesting morning for me. Not only did I step outside of my house to find that it’s below freezing but that my car was actually COMPLETELY covered in beautiful foliage (that’s what I get for parking under a tree in the Fall). I actually felt somewhat bad cleaning to coat of leaves off my car because it was so pretty looking. Aside from that, class was interesting in the morning. In my leadership class, we did an activity about culture in leadership and how it might be hard to lead in different cultures. Besides the fact that it was incredibly awkward to not look at people’s eyes because it was against our culture, it was also fun that we got to play with balloons and then pop them all outside. No one realized it would be so loud, but as we were popping the balloons in the echoing outdoors of campus, it really did sound like dozens of gunshots. So don’t worry guys, it was just balloons! Well, I thought that was interesting, just wanted to share that with everyone. Have a great day everyone, bundle up, it’s feeling like winter already!


~ by escapebinghamton on November 3, 2010.

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