Happy Finals Week!

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Hey escapees! It’s been some time since my last post, but I don’t know about you, but I was enjoying an amazing Thanksgiving at home with the family. Most of you who don’t live off campus don’t appreciate it yet, but when you have you have to cook for yourself everyday, it makes going home and being lazy and fat something that you will want to cherish forever. Well, to sum up, I hope everyone had a delightful Thanksgiving!

On a darker note, we are back in Binghamton and approaching the crappiest couple weeks of our years. I have about 4 projects and 4 finals within the next week or so and will probably lose 10 pounds and half my hair getting through it. I hope everyone else out there is doing a better job at managing their time and studies, hah. Alright guys, it’s time to get back to work (I’m currently slackin’ off at the ESCAPE office) and plan my week! Take care, yall!


Diablo 3!

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For all you gamers out there, I don’t know about you, but I might drop out of college when this comes out 🙂 Enjoy

Love Like Woe!

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I can’t get this song out of my head this past week, it’s just so catchy, I thought I’d share it with you guys! Enjoy!


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Yes everybody, be jealous, my last day of classes are always Wednesday, ha! Today was an interesting morning, started off the day the usual way, getting dressed for winter, but it turns out its actually sunny and warm, good job Binghamton!

I also had a presentation this morning for my Leadership class, where I had to talk about my awesomeness, in a way. It was basically a presentation talking about what skills as well as weaknesses I possess. Now, I have no problem doing presentations, but it is a little bit awkward talking about yourself in public, telling everyone what’s so great or not so great about you. After those weird 10 minutes passed, I asked my classmates to give me some feedback to assess my performance. I actually had a great time reading all this feedback, I didn’t realize people had such good things to say about my presentation. I was never a great public speaker (that was actually one of my weaknesses in the presentation) and after reading such nice things from people, it actually made my day. Obviously there were criticisms as well, and they were really helpful. Long story short, I think my public speaking skills are improving! 🙂

Alright everyone, I’ll check in later, remember to come into the office to get your Thanksgiving tickets if your haven’t already, they are selling out quick!! Adios escapees, enjoy the rest of the week, I’ll  be starting my weekend 🙂

Home Sweet Home!

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Hey fellow escapees, sorry it’s been a while since my last post, but right after work on Friday, I escaped Binghamton myself, hah. It’s always nice being home isn’t it? I can’t speak for the people that still live on campus, but everyone who lives off campus and now has tons of more responsibilities (cooking for yourself is the biggest one) knows how amazing home feels. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a lazy weekend with Mom’s great cooking so much after I’ve had to move off campus and start doing all these things by myself.

The Thanksgiving Ticket Sale actually turned out pretty well, I thought. Tons of people showed up and buses filled up rather quickly. It was a lot of fun, definitely a pleasant change of pace from sitting in a tiny office room :).  I will be one of the people taking the Thanksgiving buses home in about 2 weeks, so look for me! I’m sure I can speak for everyone and say that a home-cooked Thanksgiving meal is something that we all need right now after a tough semester and crappy Bing food.

I’ll keep you posted as new things come up! Take care escapees!

Don’t Worry BU, Those Weren’t Gunshots

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Hello fellow escapees, this morning was actually a very interesting morning for me. Not only did I step outside of my house to find that it’s below freezing but that my car was actually COMPLETELY covered in beautiful foliage (that’s what I get for parking under a tree in the Fall). I actually felt somewhat bad cleaning to coat of leaves off my car because it was so pretty looking. Aside from that, class was interesting in the morning. In my leadership class, we did an activity about culture in leadership and how it might be hard to lead in different cultures. Besides the fact that it was incredibly awkward to not look at people’s eyes because it was against our culture, it was also fun that we got to play with balloons and then pop them all outside. No one realized it would be so loud, but as we were popping the balloons in the echoing outdoors of campus, it really did sound like dozens of gunshots. So don’t worry guys, it was just balloons! Well, I thought that was interesting, just wanted to share that with everyone. Have a great day everyone, bundle up, it’s feeling like winter already!

Fresh Meadows: Movie Theatre

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Fresh Meadows: Movie Theatre

190th St, LIE Service Rd.

Try writing that in super tiny letters several dozens of times. Super fun. One of the very exciting things we do here at the ESCAPE office. I’m actually on my first shift of my week, got plenty of customers coming in buying tickets, so that’s good. Apparently we’re hearing news of about 5 people having to sit on the floor of the bus coming to Binghamton from Huntington (hope the bus didn’t hit any bumps, haha). We will surely get this problem fixed, so don’t worry fellow escapees! Just wanted to touch base with everyone following along with me, starting to feel a little like winter isn’t it? Although the trees and leaves are beautifully colored, the winter jackets, scarves, and gloves make it seem a little less fall-ish. However, there’s always that one girl with the skirt or that guy who doesn’t wear anything but a shirt and shorts or that guy who never wears shoes and walks barefoot ALL THE TIME (yeah, you know who you are). Alright everyone, time to get back to work, I’ll be back soon! Have a great day escapees.